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Road map of the patient

1. Person with disabilities /amputated limb or other disability/ need to attend an examination in front of a specialized orthopedic trauma medical committee /OTMC/, presenting medical referral No 3 by your physician, code 13 for review and consultation with an orthopedic doctor.

2. Patient receives a medical report from OTMC for the medical device /MD/ or AD /assistive device/ required to him according to his illness.

3. With a copy of the medical report from the OTMC patient goes to a company, a manufacturer / dealer of MD/AD.

4. According to the prescription in the medical record by the OTMC patient is issued a "Order award" and the pro-forma invoice with a description and price of all needed MD and/or AD acc. Order РД 01/319 dated 02.04.2008 on Ministry of labor and social policy for the maximum / limits of medical devices.

5. With pro-forma invoice and a copy of the medical report from the OTMC the patient file request-declaration as per form in "Social Assistance Directorate" /SAD/ by place of residence for granting targeted assistance for the purchase or repair of MD/AD.

6. Within 10 days of the request-declaration disabled person receives from the respective SAD by place residence order for granting/making/purchase/ of MD/AD described in the medical record of OTMC.

7. Targeted assistance for the purchase or repair of MD/AD is granted to the disabled person no later than one month from the date of receipt of the order by the patient.

8. Disabled person pay in cash / or by a bank transfer target assistance for the purchase or repair of MD/AD to the company issuing the proforma invoice. There are issuing invoice and fiscal receipt/payment order for the incoming patient's payment.

9. There is giving order for making or repair of MD/AD; taking a measure of the patient for making of the paid MD/AD; issuing is a letter for travel expenses if the patient has right for this.

10. Person with a disability go in for trying the MD ordered after a call from the operator for data input.

11. Upon delivery of the finished product to the person with disability there shall be issued:

  • handing-over record
  • warranty card with specified service centers of the manufacturer company
  • instructions for use
  • Declaration of conformity
  • declaration for training in using the MD made
  • letter for travel expenses if he/she has right for this
  • invoice and fiscal receipt / payment order, issued earlier after the payment of MD.

12. The patient present in SAD by place of residence the so-called supporting documents:

  • invoice and fiscal receipt / payment order
  • handing-over record

which certifies that targeted assistance granted to him/her is spent as intended.

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Care for the prosthesis

Prosthesis is an important new part of your body. It is a complex tool designed to enhance your independence, activity level and mobility. Gaining experience in the use of the prosthesis, you will become more and more dependent on this tool for your daily life. That's why it not so bad from the very beginning to follow some basic guidelines to keep the prosthesis in good working condition. Remember that this is a mechanical device and as such, it will sometimes require maintenance or repair. By visiting your orthopedic specialist at least once a year, potential problems in the prosthesis can be detected in time and corrected before prosthesis has become unusable. This is also a good opportunity to discuss with your orthopedic specialist new technologies and enhancements that are now available.