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Road map of the patient

1. Person with disabilities /amputated limb or other disability/ need to attend an examination in front of a specialized orthopedic trauma medical committee /OTMC/, presenting medical referral No 3 by your physician, code 13 for review and consultation with an orthopedic doctor.

2. Patient receives a medical report from OTMC for the medical device /MD/ or AD /assistive device/ required to him according to his illness.

3. With a copy of the medical report from the OTMC patient goes to a company, a manufacturer / dealer of MD/AD.

4. According to the prescription in the medical record by the OTMC patient is issued a "Order award" and the pro-forma invoice with a description and price of all needed MD and/or AD acc. Order РД 01/319 dated 02.04.2008 on Ministry of labor and social policy for the maximum / limits of medical devices.

5. With pro-forma invoice and a copy of the medical report from the OTMC the patient file request-declaration as per form in "Social Assistance Directorate" /SAD/ by place of residence for granting targeted assistance for the purchase or repair of MD/AD.

6. Within 10 days of the request-declaration disabled person receives from the respective SAD by place residence order for granting/making/purchase/ of MD/AD described in the medical record of OTMC.

7. Targeted assistance for the purchase or repair of MD/AD is granted to the disabled person no later than one month from the date of receipt of the order by the patient.

8. Disabled person pay in cash / or by a bank transfer target assistance for the purchase or repair of MD/AD to the company issuing the proforma invoice. There are issuing invoice and fiscal receipt/payment order for the incoming patient's payment.

9. There is giving order for making or repair of MD/AD; taking a measure of the patient for making of the paid MD/AD; issuing is a letter for travel expenses if the patient has right for this.

10. Person with a disability go in for trying the MD ordered after a call from the operator for data input.

11. Upon delivery of the finished product to the person with disability there shall be issued:

  • handing-over record
  • warranty card with specified service centers of the manufacturer company
  • instructions for use
  • Declaration of conformity
  • declaration for training in using the MD made
  • letter for travel expenses if he/she has right for this
  • invoice and fiscal receipt / payment order, issued earlier after the payment of MD.

12. The patient present in SAD by place of residence the so-called supporting documents:

  • invoice and fiscal receipt / payment order
  • handing-over record

which certifies that targeted assistance granted to him/her is spent as intended.