Протези.БГ - Национален център за протезиране и рехабилитация Горна Баня

Rehabilitation and recovery


In the process of rehabilitation particular attention is paid to the unaided putting on and removal of the prosthesis, which is necessary for building the independence of the patient. This calls immediately after placement the prosthesis, the patient to be trained in its putting on, use and its removal.

Our tasks in training in walking with the prosthesis are:

  • Motivating patient
  • Total physical body strengthening.
  • Creating of highe adaptive posibilities
  • Analytical strengthen the muscle groups of the lower limbs abductor and extensors of hip joint and extensors of the knee joint.
  • practicing coordination and balance of the patient
  • Training in putting on and taking off the prosthesis
  • Training in standing, sitting, walking on flat and rough terrain
  • Training in falling
  • Training of patient for care for the stump

Patients came to us are subject to a number of tests, different exercises for the weak muscle groups, coordination and balance, self-service.





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