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Questions and answers – prosthetics

Will I begin to walk?

This is the common question after amputation. In each patient, the solution is individual. The issue is complex and depends on the causes of amputation, speed of healing, presence of past illnesses and other reasons. Healthy person with a good circulation and no post - operative complications can begin to walk quickly. The question is relatively different for each patient, but we guarantee beinning to walk for everybody who is willing to do so and to join us. Virtually there are no inappropriate patients willing to walk again.

Of who depends my beginning to wall and my full recovery?

In restoring the normal rhythm of life of the patient benefiting prosthesis take part an entire team of specialists. We have professionals that take you from the very entering the center and take care of you until your very first steps. Team is constantly around you and consists of the competent doctor, prosthesis or orthesis specialist, practitioner of kinesitherapy and rehabilitation therapist. It includes many other specialists if necessary.

How often as a patient should I meet the prosthetist made my prosthesis?

This is usually necessary twice a year to make sure that your prosthesis continues to fit you optimal, which is functional and adaptable. Some parts need special support, which will be explained by the prosthetist upon handing over the prosthesis. Of course, at the slightest problem, we will help you and pay the necessary attention.

Is there pain when walking with the prosthesis?

No. Our prosthetist will offer you a program of walking, which is followed by holidays, so get used to your socket without discomfort. If prosthesis hurt you must contact us promptly to eliminate the cause.

There will be no pain when walking, of course if the amputated stump itself has no problems or wounds that can hinder the walking. There is preparing an individual walking program tailored to the type of amputation and different factors, past diseases, etc. Walking with various assistive devices /walker, crutches, cane – with one or three supports, walking in a stationary walking/, up and down stairs, walking smooth and rough terrain.

I have a feeling of my missing limb? Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal and should not disturb you. It is called phantom sensation and most of amputated feel it. To know more about the so - called phantom pain you may easily contact us, or even at the very amputation to the doctor that you have been amputated in order to be more familiar with this important and necessary information for you.

What kind of shoes I can wear with my prosthesis?

With your prosthesis can be used almost every type of shoes - as long as you comply with the height of the heel. Wear the shoes you wear most often when you come to fit the prosthesis. More of the components for foot are suitable work well with shoes having the same height of the heel. There are also some prosthetic feet which allow the foot to adapt so as to wear shoes with different heel height.

Can I play sports with my prosthesis?

Of course you can, as long as you have the desire to do so. Some sports, such as swimming and running require specially designed prostheses that are designed for this kind of sport. If you decide to have such a prosthesis or any other of course from the best leading brands, you are welcome at the Centre for prosthetics - Gorna Banya. Here you will get complete information and together with you we will choose the right prosthesis or module that will order individually just for you!