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Pre-prosthesis preparation and stages of prosthetics

Pre-prosthesis preparation period starts from the 3rd - 4th day after the amputation of the limb, and continues until the moment of prosthesis. Some of the tasks continue to be performed during the training in walking.

There are three important stages through which one passes in leg amputation:

  • period of stabilization of the stump;
  • pre-prosthesis period;
  • prosthesis period;

During the stump stabilization period, the main objectives are to improve the patient's condition and recovery processes, prevention of contractures expected and maintaining psychological tone of the patient. To achieve this, there are applying breathing, generally developing and practical exercises, isometric contractions, positional therapy and appropriate games.

The objectives in the pre-orsthesis period are:

  • preparation of the stump for prosthetic
  • strengthening the muscles of the amputated stump
  • reducing painfulness of the stump and roughness of the skin
  • improving the balance and balancing
  • strengthening the muscles of the trunk and shoulder girdle and strengthen arch of the healthy foot.

The purpose in the pre-prosthesis period is amputated to become familiar with the structure of the prosthesis, to be trained in putting it on and taking off unaided, and learn to master practical activities such as turning, up and going down stairs, dancing and more.

The emphasis here is on practical exercises, exercises for balance, strength and speed, training in walking with prosthesis on flat terrain, overcoming small obstacles, going down and up stairs, using of personal and public transportation.