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Information for the patient

Amputation is not the end but a challenge for a new beginning.

It is normal after losing a limb to be in distress, shock or reduced self-confidence. If this is the situation you are in, don't worry because you are not alone and thousands of others like you have gone down that road. Take a deep breath and calm and remember: You will also deal with. Your desire for a new life will meet our full backing and competent support.

We are here and ready to assist you by taking care for you and your self-confidence. Applying the most - recent achievements in the field of prosthetics, we will ease your life with the best made ​​especially for you prosthesis. We will give you the opportunity to regain your personal freedom, social activity and a sense of dignity and self-respect.

You are the most important person in our work. We are here to listen to you, advise you and then give our care in prosthetics or orthotics according to your individual needs and goals. We want to be sure that everyone who comes through the door of our service center and patient care receive personalized attention throughout his or her treatment and recovery. Our approach is to get to know you and develop that personal relationship with you, to which you aspire too, by turning it in a partnership for life.