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History – for the patient

Orthopedic shoes in their different varieties, are using since ancient times. Evidence for this time is preserved frescoes, paintings and drawings. Important role in the development of various play structures shoes play the climate, manners and customs, financial and material matters, hygienic requirements and fashion.

For centuries, in warmer countries to protect the feet are preferred and used sandals of various types, and in the cold northern areas, are worn shoes with a special cut from natural leathers, and more recently of felt or other synthetic materials insulated well the cold.

For the first time in 1858 Zürich anatomist Herman Mayer proposed reforming the then shoes by inserting important medical element. He was offered the shoe to be constructed in conformity with the main functional line of the foot, which according to him begin from the middle of the heel, runs through the middle of the head of the first metatarsal bone and reaches the middle of the thumb.

At the NATIONAL CENTER FOR PROSTHETICS - GORNA BANYA are making orthopedic shoes for people with sick, deformed or partially amputated foot and individual insoles with the primary objective to provide best - support for your legs. Our orthopedic shoes support the heel and arch of the foot and lower leg pain and prevent the development of chronic diseases. We offer production of orthopedic shoes that provide comfort and good support for your limbs.