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Children, ladies and men's orthopedic shoes

Children's orthopedic shoes

Undoubtedly children are our greatest wealth and need quality shoes. Stress and tension in the legs do not just affect adults. Since children are very active, it is essential that they wear comfortable and functional shoes.

Mass offered children's shoes with flat soles do not help in any way in daily movement, and even can cause pain in the leg.

Our children's orthopedic shoes are designed to follow the natural shape of the foot of the child. Children's orthopedic shoes provide good micro climate to the feet, following the anatomical curves of the foot, allowing the proper formation of muscles of the legs and are embedded with all necessary adjustments for children's delicate feet, such as: supinator, insoles, raised edges, square heels for rotation of the feet and other conforming to the individual anatomy.

Children's orthopedic shoes must meet the following conditions:

  • foot must be flexible / mobile in order not to interfere with the function and the training of the muscles performing the rotation of the foot.
  • the front part of the shoe has to be wide in order to avoid narrowing the toes of the growing foot and not to interfere with the flexors of the fingers to operate.
  • there has to be a small lifting detail in the medial rear part of the sole of the shoe, which not to allow forming of a plan - valgus foot and in slight forms to correct it.
  • best is children up to 3 years of age to use whole shoe that ensure stability of the ankle joint and keep the heel in the correct position.

Why orthopedic shoes are mandatory for children?

Orthopedic shoes are designed to shape and sustain children's foot and can help for the normal and proper growth and development of the foot. Orthopedic shoes are a must for children in general, not just for those with specific problems in the feet. Every child should only carry quality shoes throughout the period of growth, as they are designed properly to shape children's foot and to support its development.

Key features of the orthopedic shoes:

  • shape right child's foot;
  • stabilize joints, ankles and knees;
  • are made from natural high quality materials;
  • handmade by individual sizes to ensure a perfect fit;
  • Support for orthopedic insoles;
  • flexible soles with grapple

Women's orthopedic shoes

Women's orthopedic shoes have evolved considerably in the recent years to meet the ever - increasing demands in the lives of contemporary woman. Although health continues to be one of the most important things in our lives, women's orthopedic shoes now offer more than just health benefits - they contribute more and more to the style and modern vision of the woman. Gone are the days when women's orthopedic shoes are produced in boring colors and bulky, clumsy design.

Our women's orthopedic shoes are designed in different colors and styles and are made of different high-quality, natural materials. Thus, women now have the opportunity to wear a lot of great looking shoes that are recommended by their doctor. This is what we offer - comfortable and healthy women's orthopedic shoes that will help in the treatment and prophylactic of the foot without at the expense of their good vision. We make custom women's orthopedic shoes in different sizes, colors and style. Our women's orthopedic shoes are hand made from high quality natural materials, always by individual measure and orthopedic - functional design for various applications - daily, sports and formal.

Men's orthopedic shoes

We offer custom men's orthopedic shoes in different sizes, colors and style. Our men's orthopedic shoes are hand made from high quality natural materials are always individual measure and orthopedic - functional design for various applications - daily, sports and formal.

Days of horrible looking men's orthopedic shoes are now in the past. Modern men's orthopedic shoes are made except to their healing function and with particular regard to the vision and style. So now you can wear your prescribed by the doctor orthopedic shoes and still look elegant.