Протези.БГ - Национален център за протезиране и рехабилитация Горна Баня

Our advantage

National centre for prosthetics offers specialized individual and comprehensive approach to each patient - this is our biggest advantage. Unlike other players in the industry we do not sell prosthesis. We provide a service consisting in comprehensive care for the person with prosthesis.

Each patient is subjected to a thorough examination and assessment of his condition yet at his entry in the center. Emphasis is placed on his specific needs.

The center works with leading manufacturers in the field of prosthetics and orthotics in the design, selection and preparation of individual prostheses and other assistive devices. With the introduction of the latest technologies and methods in our clinical practice, we enable patients to achieve dramatic improvements in their mobility and make them independent and full participants in social life.

We combine the resources of national center with the convenience and personal attention of local service centers for patients. This means that patients using prostheses and orthoses can receive quality care without having to travel far from the convenience and security of home. Nevertheless our mobile and highly qualified teams can reach at any time to anywhere in the country to assist on-site or transported to the needy.