Протези.БГ - Национален център за протезиране и рехабилитация Горна Баня

National Centre for prosthetics Gorna Banya

In 1957 Dr. Konstantin Stoychev laid the foundations of prosthetics in Bulgaria. After his appointment at the Institute for reconstructive surgery - Gorna Banya with the assistance of Prof. Schlegel /leading orthopedist of the former FRG/ there was built modern for that time base for the prosthetics at 56 Petko Napetov street. Since 2003 to meet the requirements of the new law on medical institutions activity is performed in the form of a joint stock company.

National Centre for prosthetics Gorna Banya is not only heir and successor of the foundation and tradition in prosthetics since 1957 until now, but it continues its development to this day as a new modern and contemporary prosthetic center.

Since 2013, after nearly 5 - year study of modern technologies of the best producers we started working in a strategic partnership with the leading company in the production of prostheses Shtreifeneder - Germany, as a Bulgarian - German center for prosthetics.

With its network of 19 service center for patients located in major cities throughout Bulgaria, NATIONAL CENTER FOR PROSTHETICS - Gorna Banya created an organization which allows to close full cycle of service and patient care: from the receiving the necessary patient care, conducting hospital treatment if necessary – amputation and reamputation of upper and lower limbs by the most experienced and highly qualified teams in the countrym in recovery of the patient, making and putting on prostheses on upper and lower limbs, orthotesis and other assistive devices to rehabilitation and training patients to adapt them to live and act with the assistive devices.